Taping machines

We produce for them simple or automated taping machines of different applications, for example for electrical machinery and generators.

BR60 1
BR60 2
BR60 3
BR60 4
BR60 5


Automatic taping system for generator bars or coils using industrial robot technology.

BBS15 1
BBS15 2


Hose wraping system for the manufacturing of multi-layered large industrial hoses by means of wraping of rubber bands on aluminum or steel cores and unwraping of textile, or plastic tapes.

BBF28 1
BBF28 2
BBF28 3


Multi-axis taping machine, depending on version with external and direct support for coils up to 2.8 m in length (expandable). Can be used for relatively small coil cross sections and groove width.The machine is also suitable for bars. Delivered to CE with protective device.

BBF23 1
BBF23 2


Multi-axis taping machine with external support for coil lengths up to 2.3 m (expandable).

BBF20 1
BBF20 2


Multi-axis taping machine with head support for coil lengths up to 2.0 m

BBF4 1
BBF4 2


Flat coil taping machine for insulating flat coils for electric drives. The flat coil can be taped in one clamping position.

BBSF20 1
BBSF20 2


Cable taping system for cable-like or rigid material in various lengths.

BBS20 1
BBS20 2


Bar taping machine, especially for flat copper bars and variable cross sections with automatic bar feed

BBU3 1
BBU3 2
BBU3 3


Table taping machine in different table versions for the isolation of form coils with small groove widths and bars with flexible feed support.

BBU2 1
BBU2 2
BBU2 3


Hand-taping machine for coils and flat coils of very small groove widths with feed assist. Also suitable for form bars.