Specific profile

We offer standardized and individual solutions, depending on which requirements our customer place at us. Analyzes and developments showed, which we can seek out and fast in lasting use for our customer group convert the newest trends. By an extensive strategy basis we can keep the costs of our achievements small.

Through an intense connection with market-strong sales and partner companies, we get a good access to the global market.

Our products are merged into an overall configuration of manufacturing plants in the range of general mechanical engineering, in particular building of electric machines. We see ourselves from there as important supplier of these end customers. Therefore we define our market position in the world-wide competition by innovative and future-oriented total conceptions in development, construction and service.

The location is a more importantly factor for the economic success of the enterprise. By our proximity to a multiplicity of suppliers in the population center Berlin/Brandenburg we use this location advantage, which will keep us also in the future flexible and competitive.

Brought many years of experience and existing relationships with our current and future customers and bring us the decisive impetus for our work.

Customer group

The services offered by PNS is aimed particularly at the wire-processing industry. To the same extent we see our market potential in power and automation technology to robotics.

Business customers are to be addressed by purposeful marketing actions. It is also planned to serve our existing customer base well and suggsezive to expand on what happens successfully with great commitment and prompt services.

Customer use

  • Always talk to an expert
  • Employment of most modern communication media
  • detailed preparation of an offer
  • Prices corresponding to real market con
  • Reliable order processing
  • Quick response to customer needs through flexible structures
  • Follow-up activities to increase customer satisfaction
  • Quick and purposeful handling complaints